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Mission Statement

UGLOWGIRL strives to empower individuals to achieve an elevated sense of well-being. We hold ourselves accountable to improving our mental and physical health while encouraging and uplifting others. We are committed to allowing ourselves the freedom to GLOW!

GLOW [Gloh] Verb:

glow [gloh] verb: to radiate an emotional quality like light; to shine brightly and steadily


Become a GLow GEtter

We’re choosing to define a GLOW-GETTER as an individual that is committed to achieving their personal goals while continuing to uplift others each and every day… oh yeah, and you gotta GLOW!


Everyone Can


*Important disclosure: Despite our name, we are not just talking to individuals who identify as women. UGLOWGIRL is for any individual interested in the definitions above; this community is for everyone regardless of your gender or sexual diversity. UGLOWGIRL is a safe space and we want  you in it!

U Glow Girl

Glow hard or Go Home

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UGLOWGIRL is a variety workout unlike any other fitness program out there. We GET OUR GLOW ON by incorporating Xfit, cardio drumming, dance, and aerobics into one fun event. With that being said, we are so much more than just a workout class. UGLOWGIRL is a 
c o m m u n i t y. We are a collection of individuals that believe in empowerment. We focus on reprogramming negative mindsets, increasing personal accountability, fostering self-love,
self-esteem, and self-confidence in our abilities all while encouraging the same for those around us. We are passionate about working together to break down our own barriers and let our absolute best inner-selves shine through. Yeah, we’re gonna sweat too… AKA Glow, but strength is not just physical. We want you to ENGAGE and we want you to WORK HARD, but most importantly we want you to 
HAVE FUN while doing it!


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